food. glorious food.

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel.

I had a very nice buffet lunch with my colleagues.

The buffet food is served everywhere on a few tables in the café.
The most interesting thing is that they have a variety of dessert,
Readily served in spoons, so you can taste them all.

Among the food that I took-

Strawberries in cream.
Roast mutton.
White chocolate cream.
Cream brulee.
Mango pudding with raspberries.
Seafood salad.

Oh, and they have oyster in tangy baked cheese-
But I gobble it before I can think of taking a snapshot.

I was really sugar-high, I giggled as I eat,

took my time slowly,

and I arranged the food neatly,

everytime I eat.

Felt like a prince.


Anonymous said...

How much is the buffet per pax? Maybe I can bring my parents there to enjoy too.

::airswift:: said...

It's RM70 per head..