accidents happen.

As I was sitting comfortably at my desk, suddenly the clerk alerted me that a staff needed IT help.

I went to meet the lady and she handed me two huge printer toners, one cyan and one magenta.

It was my first attempt to replace powdered color toners for a huge hi-tech printer.

“What is this part for?” I pointed to an area of the toner.

“Oh, don’t ask me, I don’t know nothing,” shrugging, she left me with the thing.

Struggling and awkwardly, (with the fear that I might screw up this RM20K printer), by referring to the manual, I managed to put them toners in the slots.

Time to put away the old toners into the box.

As I was tilting the magenta into the box-

About two tablespoonful of powder spilt on the carpet, creating bright magenta marks.

I was panicking,
But I continued my work and handled the used cyan toner.
There was this special lock on the side of the toner, and I accidentally turned the latch the wrong way-

A cup of blue powder spilt on the carpet.

It felt like Indian holi colored powder festival.

Only that I forgot to wear my saree.
And I was rolling eyes and worried, instead of being in a joyful festive mood.

"Oh, the colleagues are glaring at us. Maybe they envy us 'cause they can't join in the celebration!"

I quickly took the vacuum cleaner, and LUCKILY all colored powder could be sucked clean.

Yeah, we IT execs can also become printer technicians and janitors in one go.

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