a good advice.

This is a good advice that a dear friend shared with me.
He is currently a pharmacy, psychology and anatomy lecturer in a medical college,
also doing his masters degree.

He said:

There was a time when I felt really down.
I asked myself, why and what am I doing now?
Why am I still here at this age?

Maybe I should go and accept that offer as a lab scientist,
After all I can do the work well and I can get good salary.

Then my department coordinator told me this-

You are good in what you are doing.
When I observed how you converse with students,
How you handle the subjects, you are a true lecturer.

Do not jump into another field-
An ordinary scientist will do no more than his job scope even after ten years-
Only handling with patients’ specimen all day long.

This path that you’ve chosen is already the best path for you.
In time, you’ll get to go more advanced in your academic background,
Pursuing for masters and perhaps a PhD.
You’ll be given the opportunity to be a coordinator, handling seminars and academic events.
You will start producing papers of research, and at the same time your personal income will be abundant.

Putting aside everything- the confusion, the frustration, even the lazy feeling,
You can just continue putting the effort as diligently as you can.

Many people will always judge you by your product and solid achievements.
They won’t be as compassionate as to understand your challenges, your confusion, and frustration.
They will always find a way to point your weakness.

Put that aside and don’t stop.

The true failure is when you stop trying.
The true failure is when you stop doing.



Calvin said...

Huh? Do you mean you are going to pursue the path of being a lab scientist soon?

::airswift:: said...

ahaha i think you're a bit confused. read again and maybe you'll get it.