post show report

Alas, the Australian Month concert for KL Pac Orchestra is done.
It was quite an effort, especially when I had to travel across four cities to get to KL Pac from my work place on Wednesday nights.

And I was so absent minded today, I travel from Damansara to the gate of KL Pac and realized that my “luggage” today was less heavy – I forgot to bring my trumpet. So all the way I went back home to take it.


This concert was quite different. The arrangements are really lovely, done by the powerful trumpet player of the orchestra, and I would really like to play his arrangements in the future.

The theme- obviously it’s not classical but it wasn’t too pop either- they were no guitarists and the drum kit player wasn’t banging his stuff all the way round. It was just perfect orchestration.

And of course, the Young KL Singers are superb.
And the traditional instrument players sitting in the front,
making the concert unique.

Songs levels are around grade 3 and a half, so they are quite easy for musicians to tackle, however, the deliverance is still powerful and beautiful to listen to at the audience side. Violins are perfect- they sound like one. Woodwinds played their running notes perfectly, and the brass including me, we did a good job.

Also, the artistic director of the whole event, was really entertaining in being the master of ceremony of the whole concert.

I am really happy with the outcome of the concert, and I am proud to be one of the players. I’m also glad that three of my friends who came on the gala night and the closing matinee- they enjoyed the show.


Ry said...

omg ! so you're the guy that came in the show late !

And we were on the same stage for that so many shows.

::airswift:: said...

shhhhh!!! so shy 0_0
hhahaha.. i wonder which one was you. hmm..

Anonymous said...

OMG! You actually forgot about your instrument? Lol...