rush rush

Ah, these few days I've been extremely busy.
I'm stealing these few minutes before taking a shower and go to bed.

Today I went for rehearsal for the whole day from 2pm to 9pm, and after that I rushed to my friend’s studio to do our live band recording and we completed it by midnight. The recording was not bad, we could make full use of it for promotion.

I’m not able to write too much tonight, but I’m posting these photos-
Nice things that I see and snap with my phone while on the run.

The mosque- as I walked back to the office from Friday prayers.

Colonial- while entering KL Pac.

Tea time- while having a break during the youth orchestra rehearsal.

The trumpeters- during rehearsal.

Forty winks- yeah, we were THAT tired.

Silver instrument- while everyone is out having a break.


Paul J said...

the last picture brings back lotsa memories........

::airswift:: said...

hehe.. you play the flute?