bad luck ke?

I am starting to get worried over my blogspot because I really have nothing to write.

And then, nah, today happened.

This morning as I was rushing to work as usual, I was following behind a queue of bikes in between the cars, and then when the bikes stopped, I pressed my brake.

My bike slowed down but it didn’t stop. It was sliding gracefully, almost going to hit the queue of bikes. Imagine if that happens, then there will be a domino effect. If my bike hits another bike, it will hit another bike, and the other bike too, and then hit the car. Everyone will berguling-guling and one Mercedes will get an ugly scratch. And if that happens, I’ll whisper a soft swear and I will run away from the scene.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, I used my feet and desperately tried to stop my bike. The friction between my left leg and my foot rest caused a small bloody scratch on my left leg.

And as I was busy trying to avoid an accident to happen, a crazy dog came to me and start barking, showing its scary teeth. The only thing I thought of doing was just like the same poor biker in front of me- frantically kicking my foot towards the dog to scare it away. Silly wacky tiny dog.

I straight away went to the work shop to replace my brake lining.

So my left leg was slightly injured.

And this evening, as I start biking out of the apartment area- there was a small puddle of water and my bike skidded. My attempt to stop it from falling, caused my right leg to brush hardly against the foot rest. Now both of my legs have cuts.

Sigh. Is this a sign? To upgrade my means of transport?
Not now please. I'm planning at least 12 months to save first.


Kaka' said...

hey shit happens all the time..

anyway, u've got ur blog a new follower..keep 'em comin'

::airswift:: said...

thanks new reader! ^_^