thinking thinking

I suddenly realized that I do not have that full drive at work anymore. And I was even contradicting myself, because although I said that I need the two days off due to the extraction of my tooth, I was actually fit enough a few hours after the dental appointment (apart of the slight dizziness though).

So if I am all out at work as I used to be, I could’ve just ignored the second day leave- and go straight ahead to the office.

I think this is a sign.

I have been dwindling too much and not being productive lately.
I mumbled about my job but I haven’t really done anything fast.
I was slowly taking my time gathering info on job vacancies, photocopying my certs and printing my resume, when I could’ve done them all in one day.

And if living life is about living it NOW,
Then I wasn’t taking care of my role in the company that much.


Tomorrow I’m creating a whole new day.
I’m going to get the applications sealed in envelopes and posted to their destination.
I’m going to unpack the new backup tape reader/writer and start assemble them in place.

And I am going to sleep now because it’s already late.
Good night.

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