immobilized (?)

Dizzy. Sorethroat. Fever that comes and goes. Flu.

After coming back from Genting, accidentally ate spicey daging masak kicap, and went to work out, and also went into the scorching hot sauna-

My body finally couldn’t take it anymore and I fell sick. Should’ve alerted myself earlier when I saw the signs.

So now for the whole week I went to work and came back instantly because I couldn’t cope with the air conditioned office. Happened every day from last Monday to Thursday.

The series of events-

Wake up feel dizzy.
Biked for an hour to the office.
Entered the office, shivering, felt like brain freeze.
Excused myself, went all the way back home to sleep.
Temperature went down, felt better, went to clinic.
Got one day MC.

Repeat the above for three days.
If only doctors are generous enough to give me the whole week off.

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