misty highlands

Had just arrived home from our concert and short day trip to Genting Highlands.
Whoa, it was really cold and foggy up there, contrast to the hot weather in Damansara.

Have to admit that the show at the open stage was a disaster-
strings were inaudible and it’s hard to listen to the woodwinds.
Even the timpani felt barely there.
The brass sounds so choppy, our sound didn’t have resonance at all.

Had to make do with the available sound system, we performed,
our sound swiftly disappeared in the air, inside the huge bustling mall.

Hm. Sound; swiftly disappeared in the air. Airswift. Get it? Never mind.

I was gasping for air while trying to play my trumpet as loud as possible.
Felt just like playing on the field outdoors.

It was crazy, but fun in an uncomfortable way. We had two slots, and the second slot was slightly better.

Anyway. Photos of the stuff we did up there among the clouds. Huhu.

On stage.

The MC was an eye candy.

Together at the backstage.






ML said...

who is dat mc? chinese or malay? no name ka?

::airswift:: said...

he's chinese. name, i dunno. shy to ask lah.