supernatural. boo~!

Two separate conversations that I happened to have with the people I know.

First Conversation.
After a long tiring time fixing up the new email server, I and my colleagues went to have dinner, and had a chat.

::Colleague A::
I experienced being hallucinated by an Indonesian in the middle of the night at my house- I was awake, but I couldn’t manage to react. The next day my car was gone. But I managed to get it back, a medium helped to make the stealer feel uncomfortable until he had to return the car.

::Colleague B::
I experienced something like that too. In the middle of the night, I felt like I couldn’t move, as if something is pressing me. I had to force my way out from that state.

Wow, I experienced that too! In the mornings on working days when my alarm rings; I felt like it’s so difficult for me to move out from bed.

Second conversation.
My friend was so animated when he was telling about this local horror movie to me.

::Excited Friend::
It was so scary. Imagine a body of a grandmother who recently died, suddenly resurrected and tried to chase her grandchildren.

Ah, thank God! Granny is still alive.


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