Long ago, looking for a job was a jump from graduation, and it was a proof to me that I could start a career and leave that silly “Jobless” title.

After that, shifting to another job was a proof that I will totally leave my dependency from my parents; that is, my salary would be just sufficient to afford myself. I could enjoy the little things in life.

Now that people around me of my age are already senior execs, and were starting to shift to a newer height, I’ve been starting to think to go for more- stability. Long term life security, and property. Perhaps traveling the whole globe, although that is not really my priority.

It’s still blur on how am I going to get there, especially during the economic downturn today. However, I won’t stop figuring out what can be done- maybe improving myself through proactively getting involved at work, go for trainings, and at the same time, constantly checking for any opportunities out there.

New little thing that I got for myself.

A pair of new shoes bought from One Utama. To replace my old shoes I bought from Tesco a night before my very first day at work, two years ago.

Can’t afford travel to Europe, got shoes from Europe also happy already.
They're not Zara, but okay-lah.. =P

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