using my medical leave a lot

I can say that these few days my productivity in the office is very low. Especially when I got sick a lot lately.

But what can I say, I was really sick, and I didn’t abuse my medical leave privilege like all of us do. Coming to work when you are really sick might prolong the existence of the germs, especially when going to work felt as far as going to Malacca from KL, and the office felt like as if it’s winter in Malaysia.

So I discovered why I was sick, apart of doing too much work out.

Deep inside at the upper right part of the jaw, there is this huge fat wisdom tooth trying to grow its way out. There was no matching tooth at the lower jaw, so it is actually chewing the gum below, causing ulcer at the gum, producing bacteria juice, affecting the sensitive throat, and voila- I get the constant fever.

Hm. Wisdom tooth at the jaw above is chewing the gum at the jaw below.
Chewing gum. Got it? Never mind.

Here I present you the big fat tooth. (I myself was a bit scared to look at it)

What's that pink part? I don't know. It feels a bit hard. Either it's a piece of my gum, or a piece of my jaw bone. Scary huh.

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