for those who don't know yet about this

Abraham Maslow introduced the pyramid chart which is called as the hierarchy of human needs.

At the base, the first basic thing that we need to do in life is in the aspects of survival. We need to eat, breath, maybe a dry comfortable place for us to rest and sleep. We need clothes to wear too.

And we go up to the second level, where we search for security. We seek a place to stay where we feel safe, we buy things, and we also get ourselves employed.

The next step is the need of relating ourselves to other human beings. We gain love and communication from our family, and friends, and those who are close to us. We give and take and we share.

Finally, almost at the tip is the need of recognition. We achieve establishment through our contribution and effort. Perhaps a certificate, or a higher position.

And when all these are done, to complete our journey, we gain self actualization, where we identify and go aligned with advanced thinking- morality, spontaneous, suspending our judgment, yeah stuff like that.

(source: wikipedia)

However, Maslow was disappointed that this pyramid concept was being used the wrong way by some people- using the excuse that surviving is the most essential things, so they survive only in this world. Companies only are built to gain profit, people live life just sufficient for their ownself.

Perhaps we can take these concepts not by the hierarchy itself, but by aiming to achieve all points simultaneously. Survival, security, socializing, self esteem and self actualization- all can come together at the same time.

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