my weekend with the married people

Last Saturday I had a small trip on my own out of the city. It took me two hours- on my bike, on the train and also on the cab to get to a small kampong further from its town.

It was a wedding. I don’t usually spend my time going to weddings, but this one is a rare case. It was a good old friend’s wedding.

This was a friend who didn’t mind me getting so close to him, we exchanged so many thoughts back in high school.

This was the first friend who made me believe I can chase after my dreams, even when I doubt it. There were cases when he said in the past- “you will achieve that”, and a few years after that, I smiled, because I really achieved it.

The wedding was just nice, good food and I got to talk to the groom after never meeting him for years.

“How do you feel?”
“I feel.. calm”
“You must be feeling.. complete. Congratulations.”

There was a rain downpour, making the place a bit cooling.
I was lucky to know another friend who drove there with his wife and one kid.
I asked them a favor to give me a ride to the mall in PJ where I parked my bike.

Inside the car, it was a refreshing atmosphere with the conversation that I observed. This young couple, being a family, both working, the things that they talk, and their being is quite a few steps in front of me. And actually they are younger than me.

They talked about the actual cause of the US economic downturn today, and how is it different ten years ago.
They talked about the Lego city store to surprise their child when he wakes up later.
They talked about the things which are not really the things that I normally got to talk about.

That was nice.
These people are already thinking forward.
It never make them become old, it just made them wise and advanced.

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