last light by alex scarrow

Very few people saw it coming. People seem to be too busy to care..

The statement above, written at the back of this paperback made me intrigued to pick it up and read more. A fiction thriller written by Alex Scarrow, is a story based on the real facts of the current behavior of the world.

All the things that we do, almost anything that we consume, and produce, will relate back to the usage of the same energy resource- oil.

Almost any vehicle in this world use petrol burning engines. Cars, ships, planes.

Electricity in a lot of parts of the world- generated from machines that use petroleum.

Our toaster, washing machine, air conditioner, washing machine, laptops, cable tv, everything! They all need electricity to function.

The food that we eat, most of it is transported by trucks from farms, processed by electric powered machines, and delivered to shops by vehicles that use petrol.

Clothes, books, furniture, name it- all the things that we use are manufactured in factories, and factories need electricity to do produce all those stuff.

The system which processes clean water that goes to our house pipes, uses electricity.

Each day billions of dollars worth of oil is extracted out at each source from the earth, to accommodate our demands.

Imagine if this sole energy, non-renewable is suddenly scarce. Or no longer there.

The result would be horrifying. Unimaginable.
People will kill brutally for food.
The world will go to a damage which couldn't be reversed.

Personally this book gives me chills, it sounds so real.
As long as any practical alternative energy is not discovered as a replacement,
we will always be at risk.

If you would like to know more about the facts, you can go to this site.

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