being healthy

I’ve created a few possibilities in my life-

a) The possibility of being a world class trumpet player. ( I have no idea how to get to that level of achievement, but the idea of being on a world class stage, facing the audience with all the light coming directly towards us- that is such an awesome inspiration).

b) The possibility of an outstanding IT executive. (Currently having few breakdowns that I will have to deal with).

c) And I’ve also created the possibility of health!

After having a medical checkup and received excellent results (body age is 18), I decided to give myself a birthday gift. I registered myself at the nearest fitness gym in my neighborhood. I had to give up thinking of the huge chunk of money I had to pay for the registration, after all, thinking of it now, it was way five months ago.

So far I’ve been doing well, albeit that currently I am having annoying back pain. I speculate that it’s due to my wrong posture while lifting up the barbell from its rack.

I asked other gym-goers, and actually this is something common!
I just need to be careful every time I’m dealing with free weights.

Tips to you if you go to the gym-
ALWAYS stand/sit up straight, chest in front and spine locked,
at ANY work out that you do. Even when you do your legs.
Because after all, sitting up straight is a good posture to practice.

My closest aim now is to get that nice washboard abs. Hopefully during this fasting month, I’ll get results.

Inside the possibility of health, I’m also starting to visit the dentist, regularly. I am fortunate to be working in this very cool dental clinic, few years back.

It’s actually one of the best in the city. Best service, great quality, reasonable fees. Celebrities actually come here. I’ve recommended it to the rest of my friends.

It even has a website!
Just click here.

I used to have problems chewing hard crunchy snacks, and I really suffered.
After my first visit to the clinic when I got my cavities treated and filled, I can eat whatever I want! And the recent visit was to do scaling and polishing. Now my teeth is beautiful and white.

Bit by bit, I managed to push my life up to the next level.
The point is, if you create a possibility that inspires you, take actions in living up to the possibility. Of course there would be upsets and breakdowns- just welcome them and deal with them one at a time.


XanFactor said...


i chew hard candies before... it is something i do automatically...

so I stop eating candies all together...

::airswift:: said...

i ate some nuts once and had my tooth broken :(

that was yearsss ago.

now i'm having perfect teeth :)