goodbye and hello

A lot have changed these two years.
Some come, some go.

As I leave the area, I touched her for the last time.

Goodbye, you have been so dedicated to me.

We traveled together almost everyday for the past eight years.

You were my travel companion.
We even go further to Melacca once.

I left the place while listening to the solemnity of Waltz Lesson, sung by Alex Choo.
My, I am so melancholic!

Goodbye my first bike.

I started off my new bike.
The engine hummed so pleasantly, as soft as an electric water boiler.

As I ride this new babe slowly on the street, a few other riders actually turned their heads to look at my fiery red 135LC.

The front light is so bright, at least three times than my first bike.
The handle feels strong, heavy and steady.
The strong engine, has a coolant system,
and it's the same engine they have on FZ150.

FZ150, has a bigger body that won't suit petite riders like me.

I have this nice feeling being a biker again.

On another relevant note, it's difficult to find a laminate center for you to laminate your bike road tax nowadays. The scarcity of photo processing shops nowadays caused laminating service seem to cease to exist.

I found this nice shop though, at Ikano Power Center.
Just go towards the escalator near the photo shop and Justlife organic shop,
and go down one level. You'll find it there.

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