a peaceful syawal indeed.

This year’s celebration was special to me.
I was looking forward to go down south to my grandparents’ house on my father’s side.

I was excited to wear my new yellow traditional suit.
It was quite a torture to shop at the last minute along the extremely packed Masjid India street, and had to pay a lot for it-
But the baju Melayu was made by some kind of really nice material, soft and smooth, and I never wore yellow before. Turned out that it suits me. Experiment was a success.

So. raya came and everyone was in their best baju Melayu and baju kurung.
In the morning when the whole family- grandma, grandpa, mom, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins gathered at the hall- that was the best.

I saw my brothers, who had almost three years of dispute with my mom,
They knelt down and seek forgiveness from their mother.
And then they hugged and my brothers cried. For at least fifteen minutes.
The family tie is officially reunited again.

The relatives took it with humor, so as to bring up the cheerful raya morning,
And mom was also cool about it. She lovingly and jokingly scolded my brothers for what they have done.

Only when I looked closely on the photos that I took, I saw that mom shed a tear or two.
She’s a strong woman as what she’s always is.

To be honest, in my family, we were not being brought up by our parents to do the forgiveness ceremony, but magically during this raya, we did.

Too bad I didn’t take longer leave this year for Idulfitr.
I had so much fun, I felt sad leaving Muar to go back to Damansara.

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