raya activities - 2009

This year’s raya I had so much fun with my siblings and my cousins.
And with the aunts and grandparents too.

I took some nice photos in Muar this raya.
It's a nice half wooden half brick house, surrounded with greenery.

All families have cats, and these cats were brought along with us.
There were total of twelve cats that we spoil in the house this raya.

We ate cookies, rendang, serunding, steam fish, curry, laksa, keropok.

Most of us had laptops and we watched chick flick, horror movies, cartoons. The TV had a good rest instead.

We chat, joked, screamed at each other.

At night, sleeping felt so cosy-
the air was clean and cooling, and it was so quiet.

Once a while we checked our Facebook and harvest the crop in Farmville.
Then we went back and repeated all of the above.

On the second raya we visited my grandparents' brothers and sisters,
And on the third day we went to go and walk by the beach- at Tanjong Emas.

We ate ice cream, took photos, enjoyed the scenery and the wind.

And by the tanjong we saw an eye candy.
Hm hm hm.



Anonymous said...

The flowers shot are nicely done. The cats too but not the first cat.

::airswift:: said...

yeah.. a bit out the angle.
cats.. they can't sit still