just a rant

I looked at the Overture 1812, trumpet part.
And the William Tale score too.

I sighed.

We’re having two difficult songs to play this next concert.
It seems that everything about playing trumpet feels a little bit tougher now.

Putting the pieces aside, I went back to the slur exercises for Grade 5.
I was an hour early before the orchestra rehearsal, so I can have sometime to practice for my exam.
Another attempt to play the slurs, and still failing.

Failures like this do make me feel down.
Especially when the last meet with my tutor was a challenging one.

“Did you practice?”
“I have told you that today’s lesson we are going to do the slurs and scales.”
“Your rhythm is terrible.”

Of course, I’m following my daily practice schedule, but apparently that is not enough.

However, on the other side, he gave me good advice too.

“Your level is not fit for grade 5 yet. You need to do the best. You do have the potential. Use this orchestra room for you to practice, without restrictions.”

I looked back with what I have in front of me.
Definitely, when we have a huge goal in front of us, things are not easy.
I am actually fortunate to have a tutor who keeps on asserting me to go forward.
That in fact is the point of having lessons.
Even if I feel discouraged, I can just set myself like a machine for a while and do it anyway.

All this stress and higher levels to reach, is a good structure for me to direct myself towards the hugest possibility.

Fundamentals is the building blocks of fun.

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