1. that may or can be, exist, happen, be done, be used
2. that may be true or may be the case, as something concerning which one has no knowledge to the contrary.

Normally a possibility is seen as an occurrence that may happen in the future.
But you can also bring the future into the present moment. I mean, right NOW.

Bringing the possibility NOW is a space for you to be inspired, and go for it and play all out. You’re focusing your feelings and emotions on the possibility, not on the barriers and challenges towards that possibility. And definitely you don’t waste too much time on your doubts whether it will happen or not. The barriers are just barriers, it is part of the game. The huger the possibility is, the more the challenges that are expected to happen.

I’ve created the possibility of being a world class trumpet player.
The question is, if it is already written in the future, if it is considered as confirmed that I will be playing at an international level (because I created the future that way), what is my behavior and action now?

Currently I am hopping back onto the schedule for my trumpet progress.
Scales, pieces, flexibility exercises.

If the possibility of being a world class trumpet player has a list of aims to be accomplished, the current goal at this very moment is to perform the scales, pieces and flexibility exercise flawlessly. Even the warm up studies!

Each note has to be clear, precise, like a finger pressing on the piano key. Like a pluck of the guitar string. Like a person verbally speak out the words, clearly.

Then I will be prepared to recieve my grade 5 certificate.

So this is my possibility. With my stand on it regardless of anyone's doubt on it, and the resources and infrastructure that I’ve got, and the friends who support me dearly and WANT my possibility to become true, I am constantly having it alive.

What’s your possibility?

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