nice questions i address to myself

What is my dream house?

I create that I will be living in my own place, a nice good quality condominium with at least 1,300sqft of space. The interior would be of fusion contemporary-Balinese design.

The loft should not be too rigid and proper. There should be a lot of huge cushions, a huge couch, and rugs for people to lie down, relax and even stay over for the night.

As usual, I will have a balcony for some good ventilation, a good view and a place to dry up my laundry. My greeneries should be at one side. And maybe an area for Hoshi’s cage.

What are my favorite fragrances?

My number one would be DKNY Apple Be Delicious for Men.
It is sometimes very sweet, and at other times very sporty.
Sometimes it smells like AquaDeGio of Armani, and sometimes it smells like Calvin Klein Crave.
It’s like a combination of both.

My second favorite would be Paco Rabanne Black XS.
It smells sweet like berries, in a masculine way.

The third was given to me by a friend, and it is Versace Blue Jeans.
It smells musky, sweet and sporty at the same time. It’s a very unique smell.

Why suddenly I wanted to take up photography as my hobby?

I actually love taking photos.

I started off back when I was in high school, when my father bought me a simple black Yashica film camera, which has a wide viewfinder and no zoom lens.

Sometimes I borrowed my father’s camera which has zoom lens, especially during high school dinner events.

Later I bought myself an Olympus miu film camera- a bit compact and sleek, however I got only one week to use it before it got stolen from my college backpack.

Then dad bought me a digital camera, which was not really what I wanted. It was the earlier days where digital photos were not popular, and dad forced me to get along with the technology changes of the world.

The design of the camera is like a huge rectangular box that you can hit people with it. I only used it for a semester and got tired with how it guzzles battery power. The 1.2 megapixel resolution was really disappointing too.

Then I bought myself a Panasonic Lumix camera that has almost 3 megapixel resolution, and better design. Personally, I like cameras which look conventional. I hate slim thin card-like or compact blackboard-duster-like cameras.

Soon after that dad bought me a better camera, with 5 megapixel, a Minolta.
I took so many photos with this gadget- my travel to Bangkok, Singapore, Phuket, Hattyai, Sabah, Kuantan, etc. Now the camera is with my mom.

And today, I start using a semi-pro camera, my Sony DSC-HX1.
It’s significantly less noisy, perfect in deciding the best mode for different situations.
And it has a 20 times zoom.

That is when I started to take photos a little bit better than before.

Why do I keep on going hitting to the gym non-stop without feeling tired about it?

The motivation that I get from the results. I am clear that each time I go to the gym, the least that I could get is good exercise for my heart. Our body is like an engine, it needs maintenance and care to stay for years to come. Yeah, I do feel tired sometimes, but I still drag myself to go and get a refreshing feeling after that. It’s worth it.

What part of playing the trumpet gives me joy? Why not flute which is sweet, piano which is melodious and romantic, violin which is evergreen?

Actually I can play the piano, but you can't bring the piano everywhere.

Having discipline practicing the trumpet, finding places to practice, travelling at long distance to get my lessons, staying late for live band rehearsals, this shows my determination to go through all the hardships in being, acting, and becoming a world class trumpeter.

Which also leads to the question above.

To me, the trumpet is special.

The trumpet is an instrument with ego and pride.
It is an instrument which is bold. It leads the orchestra, for maestoso and grandioso songs.

With sufficient skill, the trumpeter can perform sweetly, dolce and legato.
He can accompany a Spanish band, with the guitar, double bass and vocalist.
He can mimic to the sound of the oboe, and it is common to see replacement of oboe with the trumpet, in orchestral arrangements.

The trumpet is flexible.

It can be loud and soft.
It can represent itself in a small brass ensemble.
Or a live pop band.
Or in a jazz band.
Or playing solo classical pieces, with the piano.
It can either be the leading or accompaniment part in orchestral excerpts.

That is why, I love playing the trumpet.

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