what i lost and what i found

At the risk of making myself sound like a blonde girl again, I have to say that I had fun this weekend. When I put away all the thoughts of finding evidence (eg: see? I told you they don’t like me) of the negative, I became laid back, and I got that if I want to be appreciated again, I should at least chill down and let it be.

However, on another story, yesterday I discovered that my phone was stolen.

I realized that it was missing. Tried to call a few times- no answer.
Send text messages, no answer.
Used the friendfinder sms feature, we discovered that it is in Bandar Utama, a drive away from where I live.
And the fact that we got that result, it means that somebody did press OK to "approve the friend finder request".

It was taken out from my bag; the same incident to my previous lost wallet. I am disappointed because it means that I am not careful, and I am also sad because at this moment I do not afford to get a new one. And I am disappointed because maybe it is true that I am so hopeless and tend to lose each valuable that I’ve got.

Simply said, today I should be in mourning mood or cry or throw a tantrum or just act very, very, very sad.

Life happens. I think I choose what works; stop thinking about it and work my life out.
My father lose his handphone(s) all the time (not that I want that), but that doesn’t stop him from being successful.

I’ll just be careful next time.

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