when you're bored, your mind wanders


The lift is the best place to sing your heart out when you’re alone.
It is private, and has the best acoustics that your coarse voice suddenly sounds nice.
Too bad you have to stop abruptly when you hear the sudden ‘ding’.
It is so short an experience, felt like a dream, as if it didn’t happen at all.
In fact, you also will pretend nothing happened,
changing act from being an expressive singer, into a normal person standing awkwardly and quietly in the lift.


Sometimes it feels annoying when you have to buy food by extremely cheerful
Kakak jual nasi campur, especially when they charge the food the same price like hotel cuisine.
Imagine they sweetly chirp “Eight ringgit only”, as if they are already singing happily, jingling their pockets all the way to the bank.


The other day while I was on the road, I saw three cars stopping by the side of the road, and the three drivers standing- the driver who accidentally banged the car, another driver who came to support the victim, and the victim Mercedes driver who was scolding the other driver. I looked at the Merc and there was a tiny cute scratch and a mini dent.

My dad drives a Merc and a Beamer before, and he could care less if there is any scratch or dents like these. Once there was a biker who banged into his car. The biker freaked out wondering how much would it cost but my dad claimed from his car’s insurance, after all they know that the biker is not going to afford it. Point is, don’t make a big fuss out of it, as long as everyone’s safe, then it’s okay. You can always buy another car, but you can’t buy a new life.

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