wind ensemble concert

The last wind ensemble concert that I really enjoyed was the Christmas concert performed by PJ Youth Symphonic Band, in 2008. The songs were really good, and among the players are music majors, talented youths and full time musicians.

The first concert that I might be going to watch this year is performed by Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak, Negeri Sembilan.

Date: February 27th, Saturday
Time: 2.30 pm
Venue: RTM Broadcasting Complex, Negeri Sembilan

Since five years back, this all boys school orchestra slowly started to emerge as a winning band.

The most memorable performance that I enjoyed was when they played the song Starflash by Otto M Schwartz.

This year, their concert performance aim is to display their showmanship as well as to raise fund for the team. In this coming concert, one of the pieces that they are going to play is El Camino Real. It is a wonderful Spanish style music composed by Alfred Reed.

How good is this piece? Below is the recording of the song played by Osaka Korean Brass.

Come and watch this nice performance, if you’re available!

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Tantra said...

awesome performance!!