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These few weeks I have been so busy, and I had to deal with a lot of breakdowns, challenges, and achieved a lot too.

I am at the office now after office hours, and had just sent the updates to be compiled into my IT department monthly report. A moment before that, I was busy doing the individual planning for four projects that I will lead in my department.

As for the conflicts? I was mistreated by one technician and gave him a cold shoulder. I do not mind being requested to do technician level work tasks, in fact I started my first few years as a technician too- but please respect me by how you communicate with me. I do not mind been seen as a person of a higher post but at least treat me like a human being.

Anyway, I was not alone, thank goodness for that. Other senior execs, managers and the big boss have observed and noticed the situation, and they are on my side. That is why I was being given four huge projects so that there is no excuse for me to dwell in technical level jobs anymore. And not to stick into this drama anymore.

As for my passion in photography and design, I had sleepless nights completing the souvenir book, program book, poster and flyer design before the show started. After the debut show ended, I had to spend days editing photos. But all this sacrifice is worthwhile- it gives me satisfaction to contribute in art. And I am happy when celebrities keep on saying that I make them look so pretty.

Indeed I have achieved a lot. However, some photographers still would criticize my work badly, and the ironic thing is that these are the same photographers whose work needs a lot of improvement. They have huge expensive lens, and at least they bring two bulky DSLRs, (so much with the quote “it’s not the camera, it’s the eye of the person behind the camera), and their gadget cost can total up to 20 grand. But strangely, my humble camera with its small set of lens could produce better, brighter photos, which still wouldn’t escape from their destructive comments.

Picture taken by a photographer who has TWO cameras, and huge expensive lens.
If you look at the real size, it's actually blotchy like a painting.

Picture taken by me. Not the best but I just want to compare. And oh, this is the exact lighting color in the hall.

As for the material world, I searched high and low for the best Sony Erricson for me. Sadly, there is no perfect phone; bundled with perfect audio, excellent calendar/organizer, good battery power, intuitive internet browsing and clear reception.

I am destined to stick with my iPhone for a while. However to compensate with that, I got myself an mp3 player – Sony Walkman S745. For RM600, it’s the best. Noise cancelling, Clear Bass technology, and surround system. Audio quality is breathtaking, like a real hi-fi system in your ears. Apple’s iPod is nowhere near. Reviewing it here is just not enough.

Go to Sony Wings and experience it yourself.

Oh, it’s time for me to go and hit the gym. Till then!

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