first day of the holy month

First day of the fasting month.
I have been sick since a few days ago, it is quite a challenge for me to fast today. Just few more hours and I will be going back home from work. Ganbate, ganbate.

I’ve received and email forwarded by my aunt regarding on the sensationalized story of Apple constructing it’s store in New York. Basically the store, during construction, looked like a black cube that “resembled” the Holly Mecca, (but actually the black walls were to hide the transparent glass walls and will only revealed when it is launched). Ban Apple, they said. This is actually an old email, and I googled on what is the further response of the company itself, and also read on endless comments from people from various faith.

The Apple Store New York, internal glass architecture revealed.

The comments by the people, are interesting. Some are full of hatred, some are full of nonsense. Some are full of “you are wrong, you are wrong”, or “God will punish you”, or “my God is better than yours”.

I have this thought in my mind when I visited the Buddhist temples in Bangkok with a friend. Surrounded by colorful stupas, and beautiful golden Buddha statues inside their respective temples. I told my friend,

Okay, as we know, our faith is the real one, the true one.
But let’s say, if we were a small Thai boy, born here in the middle of Bangkok city, raised up to be a monk. Wouldn’t Buddhism is the real thing to us?

Really, if we are more interested in finding the true faith, the right path, will we be wasting time hating others, and proving that the others are wrong? (This statement points back to me, LOL).

I thought to myself, if only people of the Palestine/Israel conflict can COMPLETELY forget the past and start to SHARE and work things out, how would it be? Less likely that would happen, after all the prophecy says otherwise. If only there would be peace, after all that particular piece of land is a beautiful country, whatever country you name it to be.

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