It has been a while.

I am busy spending all nights finishing off editing photos and creating the program and picture book for SHOUT! The Mod Musical. Tonight the artwork is finally going to be emailed to the printer.

Excuse my dramatic personal review on the iPhone. Actually it is not that bad a phone, however it’s not the best phone either. Design wise is good, and if you’re really into applications, you can try it out. Not for those who are music lovers like me. Sony is much better when it comes to personal audio entertainment. Even iPod can’t compete that. Sigh, I guess I will have to be patient and stay with this iPhone for a while until I can get a decent Sony phone soon.

So what’s new with my life? Basically I am pushing all the commitments to the publishing of the SHOUT! picture and program book, since the due date is today. I only managed to hit the gym for two days, and as an impact of frantically doing my work out, my left wrist is a bit injured.

I’ll take this first experience as a graphic designer & photographer to strategize, schedule and prepare my next publishing even better next time.

Before my writing becomes lengthy and boring, I just want to end this entry by inviting you guys to watch SHOUT! The Mod Musical. It’s definitely going to be a good show.


Dreams-of-jinnie said...

Hey, Really loved the pictures you have clicked...

I wish i cud learn photography!!! but as you mentioned in one of your blog that one need to have right vision to be a photographer... I hope i be some day...

All the best to you... Keep it up

::airswift:: said...

thanks for dropping by!

i think the first thing is to have interest and get a decent camera.
then you can always google on a lot of good tips on how to get a good shot =)