i got an iPhone. yeay! NOT.

Recently my Nokia N97’s display was spoilt. At first I went to the shop to have it repaired, but I changed my mind and picked up an iPhone 3G instead. After all, someone gave me a smirk when he held my Nokia, and said, “Other people tried to imitate, but iPhone is always better.”

So let me share my experience with the phone deemed as to be the best in the century.

Messaging is good, you can see a chain of replies between yours and a particular person, so that you can check the past SMS of what you guys discussed about. However this is quite “yesterday”. Other phones are starting to have this feature as well.

But wait. The iPhone will try to be clever and it will suggest you some other words you don't need as you type. This is the worst feature of all which will always make me go nuts. I always ended up sending SMS like "Talk to you later ANITA" to a guy, or "Tugasan ini amat SUKARNO", etc. People often think I am stupid whenever they get my wrongly typed SMS, thanks to the iPhone.

I tried all ways to disable this not-so-intelligent auto SMS system, but failed. And please, no, DO NOT suggest me to install-that-application-to-fix-this. Other phones don't need to, because they don't have such problem in the first place.

Call reception is clear and good. Nothing much to say about this.

The camera is a lame 2 megapixels. It could produce nice photos outdoors, (only nice by viewing on the phone) but there is no settings for macro or night mode shots. The camera is just a toy in this iPhone.

The display for browsing internet is, I have to admit, superb. I can slide Safari explorer easily from top to bottom, and expand the view with another slide. Internet is so smooth whenever I get connected through a wi-fi point nearby.

The frustrating problem that I have to face is whenever I want to use my 3G line. Speed will go down miserably to a point where I have to click on the send button several times whenever I want to have a facebook comment submitted to the site. If I am using 3G, there is no hope for me to use chat applications, and I can never use the internal iPhone settings for checking email.

This is really a major problem as it is difficult to find wi-fi access points except at home, where I normally use my laptop instead. Uselessness. Or maybe I am just not lucky when it comes to 3G. To add to that, you need to waste even more money for an iPhone 4 to have 3G video call!

The iPhone music player has generally good audio, ONLY when I use Sony EX Monitor earplugs. Or at least get those Phillips or Sonic Gear ear plugs.

I never buy the proprietary iPhone earphones, they are expensive and no good.

As for the handling of the playback, I face inconvenience especially when I put the iPhone in my pocket all the time. It is impossible to stop, play, rewind, change track. And if I want to press that tiny volume button, I would be like, eugh~ eugh~ eugh~ eugh~ I give up.

And how about the no-other-way-but-iTunes for mp3 file transfer?
It takes me one whole night and the next morning to get my already existing files in folders into the iTunes playlist, and then I have to sync them to the phone. I MISS DRAG AND DROP ALREADY. There is no way for you to use the iPhone like an external drive, nor that you can directly delete any track inside the phone. EXTREMELY LAMELY inconvenient.

Wanna create a new mp3 playlist on the phone? NEVER. Use your laptop, connect it to iTunes please. OMG how inconvenient is that?

I like to customize the display and ringtone of my phones like I always do with my previous Sony and Nokia. I wanted to do the same thing to my iPhone since it has a boring black background behind the icons. But could I? NO.

As for changing to my own mp3 for the ringtone, the step is simple-
Place the mp3 inside your laptop into the iTunes.
Convert it to another file type.
Rename it to another file type.
Select the ringtone playlist (yeah, they have playlist for ringtones).
Sync it to your iPhone.

I just drag and drop an mp3 track into my Sony/Nokia and select it as ringtone.

To conclude my experience with the iPhone,

Advantage: Nice physical design and appearance, very costly and you can show it off to the world, that’s why they have arm strap for this pretty phone.

Disadvantage: Almost everything.

I'll take sometime to show off this iPhone to the world, and then I’ll grab one Sony Vivas when I'm done.

I couldn’t care less for an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or even 1,000,000th. Overrated.

"People always imitate iPhone, and they can produce better phones."

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