i am responsible of..

First thing, I am responsible of having a pile of books on my desk that I haven’t finish reading. Okay, not a pile of books, but five books.

The Secret,
The Idiot’s Guide to Law of Attraction,
Fear & Greed – Understanding the Psychology of Investing,
I Love Stocks – Your Guide to Profitable Trading
The Art of Living –Vipassana Meditation.

Currently I am reading The Art of Living. Have to finish it quick.

Second, I am responsible of the stagnant progress of my body.
True, I have very low cholesterol & sugar level, and my body age is of an 18 year old-
But like one of the trainers said, (while holding a calculator),
“You’ve been to the gym since when? That’s 9 months! And there’s no improvement? Let’s see how much have you wasted on gym fees.” Ouch.

The BIGGER warning (or bigger PERSONAL warning) to my life is that an enemy from the past is starting to hit the gym already. Oh, God. An unwanted intruder. What if that creature bertungkus-lumus goes to the gym religiously, doing the right exercise and suddenly all his muscles plop up like buns fresh from the oven?

No, no, no. No.
I would be really insulted. Red alert. Red alert. I HAVE to build up. Right NOW.
And I have to finish that yucky protein shake. Gulp.

Third. I am responsible of the six pending huge tasks at the office.
Yeah, I have written them using a thick marker pen and green highlighter on a piece of paper, and pasted them on my cubicle wall. Staring at me.

Study for new server recommended for gas district plant.
Conversion of corporate data backup from obsolete to new tapes.
Proposal of new offsite backup system.
Update and check of AutoCad user license list.
CD software pile check to be written off.
Resigned staff list to be checked and cleared.

Being a staff towards the excellence of the IT team, I am responsible to clear all the jobs above.

Fourth. I am responsible of my dusty trumpet.
Sigh. Yeah.
I will call a few musicians today (when they are already wide awake) and get myself in the rehearsals again.