are we really that different?

Good day, it’s a new week.

I have been productive today in the office. The mood is good, I was making myself busy and it felt good. Especially when the intention is to get things done, and to be part of the excellence in this IT team. It works! Not only that I stopped seeing people on their negative side, I see them through their potential as well. And today I was being assisted by these people, and that made me shy~.

I have done a lot of tasks today. It’s a few minutes til the end of the working hour.
I took some time for myself and posted this.

I’ve continued reading The Art of Living – Vipassana Meditation – S. N. Goenka, and how interesting this book is.

All religions teach the good way of life. I could see similarities between what has been taught in Buddhism as compared to Islam.

For example, this interview by the author with the respected guru, S. N. Goenka-


The way to implement right speech and right action for ordinary people in life is by practicing five precepts, and one of them is “To abstain from intoxicants”.

Does this mean totally abstain from intoxicants or to abstain from becoming intoxicated? After all, eg: drinking in moderation, without becoming drunk, doesn’t seem particularly harmful. Or are you saying that drinking even one glass of alcohol is breaking sila (moral practice)?


By drinking even a small amount, in the long run you take first step toward addiction, which is certainly harmful to yourself and the others. Every addict starts by taking just one glass. Why take the first step toward suffering? Dhamma (the law of nature as taught by Buddha) cannot go together with the use of intoxicants. If you really wish to develop in Dhamma, you must stay free from all intoxicants. This is the experience of thousands of meditators.

This is a good book. I'll continue reading.. til the end.