i dont like water. am i a cat? miao.

I don’t like water.
No, I like to have hot shower and go to the beach, but I don’t like to drink plain water.
Only when it comes to desperate measures, such as having a very huge ulcer or I feel very, very thirsty, I will drink a glass of water. Or two.

And of course, because of this dislike towards water, I have the tendency to have chapped lips, ulcers, body heat. Once or twice I will try to be “good”, and start drinking a glass or two of plain water, but I will go back to square one.

I know people who hate eating greens. Or carrots and peas. They call themselves carnivores, but they are the least of all creatures to be scared of. The impact of lack of vitamins makes their skin look pale and full of patches more than a homemade quilt. Oh wait, that's scary. Shriek. Have fear....

Whoops got carried away, back to me.

Since I hate drinking water, and there is a tendency of being dehydrated especially during this fasting month, I discovered a few ways to prevent the bad effect of it.

First. I started using lip balm. Don’t buy the cheap ones, get a good one. Like mine, it’s Eucerin for sensitive skin. Odorless, no taste and effective.

Lip balm is important because it stops the lips from getting chapped and dried and painful. Once the lips get dried, it will affect the inner part of the mouth.

Lips get dried – chapped outside and ulcer inside – inner mouth gets dried – ulcer and sore throat. Eventually I will get fever.

Thus, lip balm is the front defense from being sick because of dehydration.

Apply from the center tip of the lips and you don’t need to apply at the end of the lips, to avoid feeling sticky and uncomfortable. The end of the lips has less tendency to get dry because they are folded in against the upper and bottom lip.

Second. I always make myself drink more at the gym. I go to the juice bar, and take half a glass of water, mixed with half a glass of ice lemon tea. It’s not plain water, and it’s not too sweet. I drink that a lot and I see results.

At other times, I’ll take whatever dessert which contains a lot of water. Whatever you can take! As long as it’s not too sweet and has a lot of water. Fruits, cool pudding, juice, soya drink, tea.

Forth. Take caution when eating chocolate or spicey food. These are agents which would lead to dehydration, according to my experience. Chocolates are rich and dry, it's as if they absorb water a lot. Spicey food are a bit acidic and will damage cells inside the mouth. Do the second step mentioned above to counter this effect.

If you are the same like me, hating plain water, and you hate it when people frown and say, “Drink more water”, have a try on the alternative above. Good luck!

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