a singer for a day

This was a joy in the past, but I am going to share it with you anyway.

A year ago, I joined a singing competition organized by the company that I work with.
It was the first time I sing in a hall, in front of the public, and it was really a horrible experience.
I was scared and nervous, and it felt so difficult to control my voice. It’s as if somebody else singing out there, and the pitch is all wrong and the voice is floating everywhere.

Of course, I lose in that competition.

This year, I received calls from the person from the organizer team.

Will you be joining? She asked.
I’ll think about it, I’ll tell you after lunch perhaps, I answered.

Hi, it’s me again, so how? She asked.
Err, I’m busy at the moment, I will think about it later, I answered.

Few more hours-
Hi.. please, would you like to join? She pleaded.
Okay, okay, sigh, ya I’ll join. The past experience was scary but I’ll join just for fun.

Damn it.

Time flies, and after two weeks of too much work at work-
I only had one night before the competition.

That night I went to a karaoke and sang one whole hour of the song that I will be singing, and coached by a friend who can sing well.

This time the competition markings will be 30% teamwork, 30% creativity, and 40% vocal.

Damnit double time. Ah, I don’t care, for sure I will get zero for teamwork cause I am doing it solo, and there’s no points in creativity for me either.

I went in the hall, trying to be calm, and only with the intention of having fun performing in public.

This year, representatives of my division also formed a group, and they did something like a funny sketch + singing. I helped by designing and printing the supporters banner, took photos for the slide show, and I played my trumpet during the slide show.

Their show was hilarious, especially when the big bosses also got involved and dance and sing.

After a few teams performing and after a few solo singers sang, my turn was the last.

I skipped on stage, and looked towards the crowd. As the music starts, and as I sang the first verse, the whole crowd cheered.

And then they kept silent as I sang the song til the end.

I sang Perpisahan by Anuar Zain.

This song meant a lot to me, reminded me of the sad breakup in April.

And as I sang the last verse, and as the song stopped-
People were still not talking. A minute later-
They cheered.

It felt good becoming a singer for one day.
It was not bad, at all!

The top four prizes went to the performances in groups.
The third prize went to my division- yeay! And I played the trumpet in this group!

And the fifth prize went to me- the only solo singer who won that day.

I enjoyed that day very, very much.

Ku mengerti perpisahan ini
Bukan kerana kau membenci
Tapi kasih yang pernah kuberi
Tiada lagi bersama

Seringkala aku terlihatkan mu
Impian nan indah
Bersulam bahagia

Ku harungi hari demi hari
Bersama wajah tak mungkin akan kembali
Tapi hati masih tak terima
Ditinggalkan sengsara

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Perasaan hati masih rindu
Kekalutan ini hanyalah untukku
Tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilangan

Kasih tercari-cari

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Masih tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilanganmu


Bengbeng said...

i loved reading this post. inspiring. thx for sharing

::airswift:: said...

thanks! ^_^
glad you enjoy reading my blog.