siti nurhaliza and sharifah aini

In a private press photo shoot, Siti Nurhaliza and Sharifah Aini announced that they are now in good terms and have forgiven the past.

Their personal conflict since the past six years was a controversy, when Siti Nurhaliza was being defamed and led to a court case. The case was dropped eventually.

I am personally touched that these two huge contributors of the entertainment industry have decided to have peace with each other, and start anew. I’m happy for them.

The event was an emotional one.

Siti mentioned that Sharifah Aini was her family favorite, and her late father was a great fan.

And Sharifah Aini said that she secretly keep all Siti Nurhaliza's album in her collection at home.

Perhaps, one day both songstress could collaborate and create an album together, singing their hits back in the past (especially Sharifah Aini’s evergreen classic songs), with a fresh arrangement, accompanied by a good orchestra- that would be amazing.

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