have to work it the new way

Allow me to lament.

Currently I am in charge of photography and design for an organization. Initial meetings went well, and then suddenly communication didn’t come across between me and the management quite well.

For example, initially I was assigned to do the design part, and email it to the printer. As for the printing fees and when is the right time to print, I informed the management to decide. When the deadline is so close, the management expected me to deal with the decision of the charges and liaise with the printer on everything from A to Z.

Another situation was this situation when I sent an urgent design to the management right after they asked me to do so. On the same day, I promised to send them a not-so-urgent CD containing other designs, a little bit later that night. They failed to inform me quickly that the urgent design didn’t arrive to them, and when it’s already late, they blamed me for not sending the CD earlier.

Because of this miss-communication, the manager told me sternly that “he is upset with me”.

It got worse because right now it came to a point that he completely refused to talk to me directly even when it comes to discussing matters on current design jobs which clearly need to be done.

At the moment, I am only liaising directly with the admin assistant who helped a lot in trying to make things work. Lucky that we have him around.

This is hard, to learn to be totally independent and working under the new management’s style.

I have to constantly give up this noise in my head telling myself that I am a failure, and I didn’t do my job well. I also have to be strong, continuously reminding myself that, eventually, the purpose of my life is-

To have myself and other souls believe that we all can achieve joy and success in our lives.

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