new schedule

September has arrived.

No, I will not go and sleep and ask you to wake me up when September ends.
I couldn’t afford that.

Just now I’ve created a daily schedule for the months of September, October and November.
The September schedule is almost full, as for the other two months, they are filling up.

On top of each month, I typed in the main purpose of this schedule.

Monthly Schedule for 2010.
To be aligned with the following possibilities:

Professional Photography
International Graphic and Book Design
World Class Trumpet Player
Physically Hot, Healthy and Fit

The possibilities above, created by me.
By having a visible schedule, I can chart where I want to go.
By doing things in order, there will be less sleepless nights due to last minute panic.

I must also remind myself that the possibilities above should get along with my charter;

To have myself and the others believe that we all too can achieve joy and success in our lives.

I should give love more than feeding my pride.
I should do things as a contribution more than seeing things only to serve myself.
I should look forward for the better and stop looking back.

By that I will gain true satisfaction in what I do.

And of course, aside of good planning and effort, I should pray to God for things to fall perfectly in place.

Here comes a new month.