There were two technicians working in my department. One is so good to me, the other is not. With all the turmoil, down-sizing and uncertainty of the company, one of the two had to go. And it was not the problematic one. It was the nicer one.

My heart sank when he came to the office with just t shirt and jeans, no office attire, as it was the last day he will be working here. I only got the news on the same day, so it was a shock for me.

When it was time for me to shake hands with him, I held his hand for about a minute, and said, “I have never been as sad in this office as how I feel right now. Good luck and thank you.”

If it weren’t people around me watching, I would have hugged him. And cry.

So, what is so interesting about this straight guy, and I don’t find him attractive at all?

He was the first friend as I stepped into the office.
We talked and shared a lot of stuff. Life stories. Opinions. Funny experiences.

The most touching thing was when I decided to give a cold shoulder to both technicians, he tried to talk and even asked, “Have you eaten?”

I also sold him my Sony camera and didn’t mind selling it a cheaper price.

When I was in high school I thought straight guys are the most annoying human beings of all.
But today, I’ve realized that they have advantages compared to the girls and the gays, in general.

They are cool. They don’t gossip and they don’t make a big fuss.
They are not choosy, and they are not difficult.
And if you make it clear that you decide to do it your own way, they don’t create a whole symposium to debate, question, insult, challenge, gossip, and bring it forward to the next week, month and year, like how gays and girls do.
They would just quickly and simply say, “Okay.” And that’s it!

I will sorely miss this good friendship that I had.
Good luck bro.

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