raya - new clothes

Happy Idulfitr to those who celebrate it.
Sorry, this year I didn’t have the urge to send best wishes via sms as the others do.
I also didn’t feel like designing a beautiful online card and paste it on my blog or email to others.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy 1st of Syawal this year, in fact I really did, I was busy snapping photos of relatives and forgotten to snap the decorations and the bountiful food so that I could post them up here.


For myself, raya was a blast.
Most of my relatives went back to Muar, and the first day was about us screaming at each other, taking pictures one family after another. It was havoc.

But the best part for myself is that I kept on buying and buying and buying new clothes, I end up having the clothes below-

One gray t-shirt with green stripes

One green t-shirt with black stripes

One green t-shirt with black stars (what is it with me and green?!)

One brown t-shirt with “Good” written at the front and “Times” written at the back.
So I pointed the “Good…” and made a gay body twist to the back and pointed “…Times”.

One black checkered shirt with silver linings, and one white checkered shirt with black linings.

One purple t shirt with buttons at the front. Something like they have in Topman.

Three pairs of corduroy bermudas - bright sky blue, dark blue, gray.
And one pair of white pants that look like Philosophy but much, much cheaper.

Two boxes of ten bright colored briefs.

And I’ve also (already) got myself one DKNY sweater,
a black shirt by a Thai designer,
one Calvin Klein collar t-shirt,
and one very fancy fake leather Hong Kong-ish jacket that I wore during the musical premier. The brand is Romp.

Really, they have very nice jackets there in Romp. Don’t believe? Have a visit.

Oh, and just before I went back to Muar for raya, I grabbed one black Soda jacket because it’s too nice and it was on sale.

Yeah, it was a wardrobe makeover for me, and I had three huge bags full of clothes to be donated.

Next project? To change all my working clothes. They are getting old and worn out.

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