start with the boring one

It is so much easy to pour my short thoughts on a Facebook status rather than write a lengthy post on Blogspot. You write small sentences that crosses your mind, and if you think it's not worthy, you remove it.

But if I stop restricting myself pretending that I am a celebrity who can’t post much of my ramblings on the blog, maybe I can do more. I was too busy worrying that it might be too controversial. Or too rude. Or for the worst case, too boring.

Ah, let’s just write this one topic that I wanted to blabber about since long ago.
(Might be a boring one).

Louis Vuitton.
(oh, suddenly I feel my head turning sooo blonde.)

Ah! How I love LV. It is the only luxury boutique that I have entered more than once. True, when I first knew this brand, it was an awkward experience. An old friend was expressing his excitement of receiving his birthday gift from a rich friend- an LV travel bag.

I wasn’t impressed, I thought that the monogram pattern looks like something on your grandmother’s kampong bag. The only thing that made my eyes wide open was the price of it.

But as time passed, I started to appreciate the art of this luxury brand.
Really! If I look at the picture above ten years ago I would have loathed it.
But now I look at it with adoration of art.

At first I loved the monogram and nothing else. Then, I spread some more love- to the damier canvas (the patterns that look like a woven chess board).

Ooh. An LV wallet, in my hands, can have me last for hours adoring it.

LV goods are so expensive, one wallet costs around RM1450. I looked up on Wikipedia, and now I know that they are handmade to perfection, using the best leather, and the history goes back to the 1800s where LV started off by making luxury travel trunk to the royalties, including Napoleon.

That kind of history explains the price tag.
Kau ado?
You got sew buttons for any prince before?

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