taking chances

Months flew so ever fast.
Today, I am back having a boyfriend,
a very kind gentleman who always does his best
to have my world a better place.

Was it too fast?
It does feel a bit too fast.
I was even still in confusion when I accepted the proposal.

But he is the one of the kindest person on earth.
You will hardly find another in a million years.

And we are willing to take this chance to work out this relationship, through the easy times and the hard times.

You don’t know about my past and
I don’t have a future figured out
And mayb this is goin’ to fast
And maybe it’s not meant to last

But what do you say to takin’ chances
What do you say to jumpin’ of the edge
Never knowin’ if there’s solid ground below
Or a hand to hold or hell to pay
What do you say?

I just wanna start again
And maybe you could show me how to try
Maybe you could take me in
Somewhere underneath your skin

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