a day to cherish your loved ones.

Happy super belated new year and happy belated valentine’s day everyone.

I know that awkward feeling when I was single and have to go through valentine’s day alone, when each thing showcased by shops were like shouting on your face about couples and celebrating your lover (when you have yet got a lover by your side).

But to be frank I was not really depressed, not like the usual “here I cry alone again on a valentine’s night” or “screw you valentine’s day” and that kind of stuff that I hear all around.

Instead I was being more kiasu. You celebrate valentine’s day with your “couple”? I celebrate kaw-kaw with my friends. Couples go to fancy restaurants? With a little bit of effort, I can find some other bar as good as that, only that they don’t get swarmed by couples. Just avoid the movies though, because we will see couples everywhere and will start to complain.

Celebrating love is not only between you and the soul mate that you love. It is also for you to celebrate your girlfriends, your brothers and sisters, your mates.

Why not just enjoy that good atmosphere the next time instead of sitting at the corner of your bed in the dark? Kick yourself out and hangout with your family and friends. If it is too corny, then treat them well- cherish them quietly without them knowing it.

After all, valentine’s day is to acknowledge and giving a treat to your loved ones, and not particular yourself.

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