love and hate in the world of photography

I love photography. It is not too easy to create a nice photo that makes people smile, but it is not too difficult either.

But mingling around with photographers is a tricky part.

I come to a generalization that photographers, if they are not strange people with odd behavior (something like you feel if you suddenly woke up surrounded by Ewoks), they are most likely to be very egoistic people passionate with gadgets, and their language is a bit rough than the common people do.

If you look at musicians and others involving in fine arts, they are sensitive and very expressive. If you look at sportsmen, they are rough, they punch at each other as a way to socialize.

If you mingle with photographers, they are a mixture and in between of the two characters.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable being around with them, fearing that I will get a big bash of critic on the photo work that I do. Or maybe I have bad PR? Oh well.

On the other side, it’s not that bad.

I was browsing through an old discussion forum post, where I proudly showcased my first few photos that I took so much effort to snap, using my Sony bridge/prosumer/superzoom/semi-pro camera.

And one of these evil photographers commented:

“What are you trying to show??”
“Congrats, you have killed the grass, the tree, the flower and the butterfly”.
“What is this?”

My heart went hancur-berderai.
Covering up feeling dreadful about it, I directly emailed him, well, since he thinks that he is good, I wanted some advice.

With that snobbish tone, he talked about bokeh, depth of field, story in the picture, and all the jargons, which I was instinctively forced to look up on the net.

I even vowed to have my photography skills up to another level.

Today, yeah, I still feel mad and awkward with that fella.
But when I looked back at the old discussion forum, I laughed.

Because what he commented on my old beginners photos, were true.

p/s- since it's a crude world in photography, be cautious when you shop for a camera, lens and its accessories. Some sellers are so rude and will critic your opinion like you are so stupid about photography. Get prepared, study the item first online, make an internet survey, or if you have no time, if they are so rude, just smile and say thank you. Go to other shops.

(This is just a generalization - not all photographers are like that)