a start mid of march

Good afternoon!
Long time no see. (talking to my own site, attempting to be funny here).

What have I done in my life lately?
I have been totally out of track.

My current passion which is taking a huge chunk of my free time is working out at the gym, and I’ve been spending my weekend with dear-dear too.

Seriously I need to re-structure my life again.

My trumpet skills has gone down the drain.
Really, coming to orchestra practice once a week is not only insufficient, it will kill my lips, because it is not used to extreme weekly playing without constant practicing everyday.

It will kill my ego because the ten year old new trumpeter will be playing better than me.

It will also kill my passion because I might be thinking that I’ve lost interest, when actually I was the one not doing anything.

Darned. I don’t care, even if I go home at midnight, I am going to drag that mouthpiece to my mouth and at least do some basic drills.

And how about my photography passion?
I’ve been carrying the camera everywhere in my backpack, and I am becoming a camel.
With NO photography results. No shots, nothing spectacular.

They say, for new things to come in, you need to do housekeeping to manage and rearrange the old ones, and throw away the junk.

My Compaq is piled up with unsorted RAW images. No wonder there is no enthusiasm in snapping any piece of graphic art. Because my Compaq laptop is already a painful art.

So yeah, I am going to pack food for lunch, eat at my desk, and re-organize my photos.
I owe this blog so many photos to be posted already.

Let’s do this clean up as a start, shall we, before venturing forward to another huge possibility.

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