pray for japan

The more I read on the news of Japan, the more I see that it’s getting worrying there. Tokyo is now evacuated, eerily quiet. Offices are closed and the economic flow almost went to a halt. Supermarket shelves are empty, essentials like bread, bottled water and canned food is rationed.

Aftershocks are still going on. It’s dark and cold at night, due to power shortage, since the failure of nuclear power plants. Train schedules went crazy, and some people had no choice but to wait because they can’t leave. Some even walk for hours to get back home, blisters on their feet.

It’s even distressful at the area where the big tsunami hit. Thousands of bodies found. Survivors lost their loved ones, their homes, vehicles, farms, jobs. Countless of people have the risk of already being affected by radiation.

The most worrying part is the nuclear plant which is still heating up, and they are struggling to cool it down to avoid a nuclear meltdown, which will disperse radiation through air and water. Workers at these plants never leave. They never even had the chance to leave. They are now strategizing and working very, very hard to stop from an unbelievable disaster to happen.

Don’t talk about risking our lives doing our job. Don’t talk about dedication. We don’t understand the real meaning of it. THESE Japanese are the heroes who dedicate their lives and willing to face the consequences of cancer and death, to rescue Japan.

And the citizens of Japan still remain calm. No looting, no fighting, no shouting. Only patience while queuing for their part of soup or a piece of bread. The hardship of World War and their amazing culture have thought them to share the difficulties they face together.

Please pray for Japan. Please pray, at least, for the nuclear plant to cool down as soon as possible and restored.

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