As I reflect on myself of what has happened onto me, of this relationship which, if not totally gone, is in its comma state, I realize that this grief, no matter how real it is, has no further effect of moving anything anywhere.

Poetic words and sad songs can only accompany a troubled heart full of sorrow, but I need to step up and do something if I want things to change and improve.

It is a fact that someone I dear has totally lost hope on me and has put off the light in his heart.

It’s close to impossible, but if I believe in myself, I might get him back.

Even all these writing above, is just an expression of me writing it. No good thing can come out of the above if I don’t take any action at all.

Wake up! It’s just too fair for me having the chance of having my dear dear still around with me, I should cherish it and prove it to him. No, prove it to myself actually.

What matters is not that he loves me back.

What matters is that I do love him.

Like he said, I know what he wants. So give it to him.

And I need to be closer to God as well. I’ve let myself astray too much.
Here we go.

P/S: to an old friend (who is also having trouble in his relationship), I am grateful for us being support buddies and to believe that we can make things better. We, are responsible of the things that we have, and the relationship that we are in.

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