hi there, it's nearly end of the year.

Yes, this blog is actually eligible to be closed down due to its very long inactivity. I wonder who is still checking out my blog. Perhaps they landed on my site from clicking on their google results.

Updates of changes of my life, compared to the last time I wrote my post- well, I am still in the same relationship. Relationships are a challenge but I guess the way we are designed, we do need to be in a relationship. How about me? Why do I want to stay?

It is still a mystery to me. Maybe deep inside me I know that having someone who sincerely cares for you is as rare as getting to meet some mega pop star for the States. I’ve met so many hot people out there, but I got to be real, none of them do take any step to come to me and say, “hey I wanna be with you and take care of you the rest of my life”.

In other parts of my life, well, I’ve got a car! And started to live with my parents and my apartment is left collecting dust. Okay, once a while I go there watering my plants.

I’ve also travelled a few times. Got to watch a good musical in Singapore, went to Bangkok and met Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Nicole Kidman and even Lady Gaga! Well, they are the wax dolls in Madam Tussaude.

Achieved some, lose some. Too many things in life to jot down in one single post.
I am no perfect. In fact, I can even put myself in the label of people who are spiteful, bitter, mean, evil, and heartless and karma goes back to me. But what’s the point of continuing sitting at the corner blaming myself but not doing anything? The world is still the same regardless that you cry in regret or cheer in joy. But putting yourself out of an emotional state will make you take action and that action will make a difference.

Okay, so this my first comeback post. Trying not to think too much whether my writing will be perfect enough to read. Important thing is, I’m starting to use these letters on my keyboard again.

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