if it's you

If It’s You

I always saw you smiling
I knew from the moment I saw you
If it’s you, If it’s you, if the person by my side
Is you, if it’s just the two of us together
Forever is possible~

Darling, I will smile only for you
Darling, again for your sake, I will shed tears for you
If I could only love one person my entire life,
Just one person, it would be you

I saw your sad expression
The tears I saw for the first time, pained me
If it was me, if it was me, by your side,
If it was me, if we were together~
We can be happy~

Darling, I will always stay by your side
Darling, I will live only for you
If I could only have only one love my entire life, just one,
That person would only be you

Like a tree with deep roots
When the wind blows
I will take the brunt of whatever comes to you
Be my magnificent flower
That blooms on my branch

Darling, I will only love you
Darling, I will live only for you
If I could fall in love once, just once,
The person I would fall in love with would be you
Darling, I’ll love only once, just once,
And that person is you

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