you did it too

Few years back, someone told me about something which can be pondered on to.

"The thing that you hate people to do, is actually a reflection to improve yourself.
You have also done somewhat similar, in other forms, in the past."

Recently I quietly sniggered when I saw my cousin's cursing towards those who tagged him on some of their 3D artwork on Facebook.
I laughed because he is also a show-off by tagging people on his photography work in Facebook.
I was also tagged and felt annoyed by that.
But guess what? I tagged people too, to have them see my photo albums.

So yeah, the thing that we judge about people is actually a judgment towards us too.
Don't buy this? Then you will lose a rare chance to learn to reflect on ourselves.
It is true that things happen for a reason, only for us to be open and learn from it.

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