dont dream of anything more just yet

As the years go pass, I see the people around me going through their lives in many different ways. Some finally settled down with their spouse. Some went away to recreate their lives and came back with a determination to cause a huge transformation for the nation. Some made it, others just gave up easily and blame depression. Some grew up, others did not. Some found the one, some were heartbroken. Some learnt to love their family members, others continue to hate and accuse. Some flaunt their wealth. Others who are wiser were humble and got wealth too AND they quietly attained qualification from overseas.

What I see after 30 years of living and the last ten years of sea storm, to have a good life there should be constant gratitude in it. Where ever we are in life, naturally we always want to head for something better. But life is just how it is, if we focus on the things we dont have without being grateful at all of what we have, let it be a prince sweeping our feet, or a mountain of diamonds served for us, we will NEVER be happy.

Perhaps this life is a test. As long as we stomp our feet wallowing how bad life is, guess what? Life will ALWAYS be bad.
Don't wish for anything further if we try not to live and appreciate what we have now.

Yeah, I'm writing here when I am sober. But if there is a breakdown in future awaits, I can practice being calm, optimistic, and love the opportunity I already have.

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