i want him

As i type this in private with my small iphone, i am embracing myself with this sense of loneliness and no hope.

I have created a dream. To have a very goodlooking guy as my eternal partner in life.

However it is still not there yet.

I have been in touch with a few guys but their response is frustratingly slow.

What does it mean if a guy just took a glimpse of your morning greet, never replies but have all the time in the world checking and commenting on facebook?

I am tired of waiting.
I am tired of behaving my best, but when i joke it felt as if i said sth wrong and the other party never answers.
I feel like closing off all these options of ppl who just dont bother.

The only guy who responds everyday, is the guy i want the most.
He has the most beautiful eyes, the handsome features, the stunning stubble and lips that
I would kiss evyday.

The perfect body, the musky sweet scent, and the beautiful voice when he sings.

The messy boyish hair and the friendliest persona ever.

But he is my friend and i am his friend.

He might just be replying my neutral messages cause he is a kind friend.

If there is one person i want to spend my life with, it would be him.

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